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So many things are becoming clearer. Louise is competent, compassionate, and wants me to succeed. And I feel comfortable telling her even the most unflattering things because I trust her.

- Veronica

Once I began coaching, I began to notice a change in me. I began to appreciate all the treasures in my life I had been ignoring for a long time. By noticing all that there is to be grateful for, my mindset, attitude and appreciation for what I have has changed. The everyday little things brighten my day. I am also slowly figuring out my professional strengths--something I've been trying to figure out since my college years. This experience has been a blessing for me.

- Jessica

"I have learned so much from these workshops and have felt so much gratitude with myself and those around me. I couldn't thank Louise more for the community she has created through love and self appreciation." - Katherine, Business Owner, on "The Amazing Destressifying Yoga Workshop"

Excellent and fulfilling experience. "Letting Go" is a must-take workshop that helped me see how I have always been in control. I choose whether I use my past experience to hold me back or to gain strength. And most importantly if I let go, I can become a better version of myself and be grateful. Louise made me feel safe, which allowed me to open up and explore my deepest feelings.  - Andrea, Business Operations Manager, on the "Letting Go" workshop

Gratitude is too much of a buzzword these days, so I was concerned about the content of the workshop. Louise led us through different exercises in self-discovery, and allowed us to discover our thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. I left with a new understanding and was so glad I chose to attend. What sets Louise apart is her authenticity, patience, kindness, and genuine love of people. I look forward to learning more from her.   -Lauren, teacher, on "The Power of Gratitude" workshop

"This semester began for me with more joy in my heart than I have ever experienced.  The big contribution to this?  I believe was attending your workshop. 

I am very happy, feel great about what I am doing as an educator, my students and their families are first, I am meeting the needs of the students (and mine), we manage to have joy each school day and more. Thank you for providing the permission I needed to take care of myself too, and I am.  I am encouraging other peers to do the same. Your workshop was every bit about education;  I have to take care of myself so I can take care of my charges at school.  Plus, the care I provide for myself is positive, self-loving, and joyful. 


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and personal stories. I was deeply touched." - Jane, teacher, on "Self-Care for Educators" workshop

I actually thought about everything you taught us the entire day yesterday. I wish we had more time to cover more information because it was very beneficial.


 I know this sounds cheesy but I really thought it was meant to be because I was very inspired by everything you had to share. I need to have people like you in my life to remind me that I can’t do it all and that I need to take care of myself mentally and physically. - Sylvia, teacher, on "Self-Care for Educators" workshop